About the Data Deposit Recommendation Service

The DDRS is a free online service for humanities researchers in the EU to find suitable research data repositories using Re3data.org (Registry of Research Data Repositories: www.re3data.org). The DDRS recommends suitable repositories based on the researcher’s country and discipline.

The DDRS further applies filters to the re3data registry so that it only recommends repositories that have an online data upload option and provide persistent identifiers to make the data citable and findable.

The user can leave the DDRS with a concise list of suitable research data repositories (for example to use in their data management plan) or they can proceed to deposit data. This can be done either by contacting or uploading data to the repository directly, or by continuing to the DDRS contact form to forward the request with a data description to the repository. The repositories usually offer free data storage services but in some cases a fee may be charged, for example when the volume of data is very large. This should be checked with the repository.

The DDRS is a result of the DARIAH-EU Humanities at Scale project, with one of its aims to promote Open Science by providing services to humanities researchers. An important part of Open Science is the sharing and reuse of research data. By providing the DDRS as a user-friendly service to identify suitable data repositories, we aim to facilitate the process of sharing data for researchers.

HaS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 675570
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